Lima Street Food

Lima Street Food

S5001404Today, I was with some tourists showing them the city and out of the blue we decided to stop and eat something in the public road. I told them how my mom used to sell food on the street to feed her four kids. Therefore, this article is dedicated to her.

Currently, the cuisine in the public road has become part of the culture of many districts of Lima. This cuisine offers a new and innovative style to eat at affordable prices, where people from different social and professional conditions attend.

People visit those places because of different reasons which are difficult to be determined, because there are many affordable restaurants. However, most people prefer the famous culinary recipes in the public road eating delicious foods such as ceviche; beef heart; or even drink an emollient.

Furthermore, large crowds not only of workers, but also of students who have breakfast or have lunch at stands located on the most visited avenues, on their way to work, to the university, to the institute or to school currently prefer this kind of creative cuisine. People prefer creative cuisine because Peruvians are given free rein to invent new dishes. One could even say that this is a habit. It is important to mention that sellers of this kind of food can be seen all day long selling their products.

S5001347On the other hand, Peruvian cuisine has been well received internationally, which has been awarded as the best cuisine in Latin
America. For this reason, we must provide different cuisine alternatives to the tourist, as it is in Mexico, where people feel comfortable eating some tortillas in a corner; in Colombia where they eat so delicious arepas; or so famous hot dogs in the United States.

Therefore, it would be an excellent opportunity taking into account the gastronomic boom that is taking place in Peru to reassess and encourage gastronomic tourism. This activity was formerly considered as a complement to the inbound tourism industry. Thus, such an activity could be reassessed with the help of gastronomes and the media, which will allow positioning the cuisine of the public road as a tourist attraction, making it possible to increase interest in Peruvian gastronomy and to be in a better position in international markets.

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